Gardenvision exists since 2001 and has become  a medium-sized company in our industry. The Gardenvision team has the focus on the procurement, packaging and distribution of complete retail concepts for department stores, supermarkets, house improvement stores and big discounters. In the whole process, the quality of our products is a big priority.

We strive to be one of the leading companies in the industry, through development and by handling decisively. This we would like to achieve through our core values; cost controlling, quality, customizable and innovation. These values ​​are propagated by the permanent team of experienced, motivated and flexible employees who have been active in the sector for years.

You  can devide the flowerbulb wholesale trade in 4 categories:
• forcing
• landscapers and gardencentres
• mail order
• chain stores

Gardenvision exclusively serves the chain stores category, in which we work with customized-concepts and service-agreements. We operate in the following markets: Europe, America and Russia.

Besides many partnerships in various countries Gardenvision also has a strategic cooperation with the German company Gartenland Ascherleben GmbH. Gartenland creates and produces store concepts of small-packs of seeds. The combination of seed with our flower bulbs, perennials and plant onions completes our assortment.