From N206 Leiden – Heemstede

1. Exit N443 ’s-Gravendamseweg direction Sassenheim.
2. From the direction Leiden – Go to the right at the end of the exit.
3. From the direction Haarlem / Heemstede – Go to the left at the end of the exit.
4. Follow direction Sassenheim, go straight ahead at two roundabouts.
5. Cross the bridge of Leidsevaart and the railway.
6. Take the next roundabout for three-quarter and drive into the Loosterweg.
7. Turn left after 500 meters, where the curve bends to the right, into the street Berg en Daal.
8. Pass the company “Bulbs & Flowers” on the right hand.
9. Follow the narrow road to the left of the water.
10. Turn left after 300 meters and arrive at Gardenvision International. 

From A44 Den Haag – Amsterdam

1. Exit No. 3 – N208 direction Noordwijkerhout.
2. From the direction Den Haag / Leiden – Go straight ahead on the roundabout.
3. From the direction Amsterdam – Turn right on the roundabout.
4. Go straight ahead on the next two roundabouts, follow the direction Noordwijkerhout.
5. Turn right on the next roundabout to the Loosterweg.
6. Turn left after 500 meters, where the curve bends right, into the street Berg en Daal.
7. Pass by the company “Bulbs & Flowers” on the right hand.
8. Follow the narrow road to the left of the water.
9. Turn left after 300 meters and arrive at Gardenvision.